September 28, 2020 | Posted by: Dino Pupulin

The CERB is ending October 3rd and will transition to a new form of Employment Insurance (EI). While still subject to Parliamentary approval, here are some key things to be aware of:

1. With CERB, everyone received $2,000 for each 4 week period. With the new EI, the amount received will depend on your earnings over your best 14 weeks of employment, with the minimum weekly payment at $400 (for 26 weeks) and the max at $573. So some people will receive more and some less than CERB.
2. EI is administered by Service Canada. If you were receiving CERB via Service Canada then you will be automatically transition over. If you were receiving CERB through Canada Revenue Agency, you need to apply through Service Canada.
3. It'll be easier than before to qualify for EI, after working as few as 120 insurable hours.
4. You can earn income from employment or self employment while receiving benefits.
5. If you cannot resume work and are self-employed and therefore not eligible for EI, the Canada Recovery Benefit provides $400 a week for 26 weeks. Additional programs are available if you are sick and need to self isolate, or if you need to care for a child, dependent or family member due to COVID.
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